Arena Advertising

Arena advertising is an effective way to connect your brand with our audience.  From families to die-hard sports fans attending events at one of our five rinks, you have the opportunity to advertise with rink boards, on in-ice graphics, or on one of the three Zambonis that clear the ice between periods.

Rink Boards

Rink board advertising is a powerful way to connect with families and reach a wide demographic. With captive spectators exposed to branding messages for long periods of time, community advertising increases brand awareness, builds authenticity and trust, and capitalizes on positive experiences. It’s a win-win for both advertisers and the community.


Advertising on a Zamboni at the ice rink offers a unique opportunity to reach a captive audience.  Zambonis are highly visible and draw a lot of attention. This form of advertising helps build brand awareness and create a positive association with the rink and its patrons. It is the largest advertising opportunity we currently have available.

In-Ice Ads

In-ice ads offer a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with the community. These ads are embedded into the ice, providing a high-visibility opportunity for you to showcase your logo to a captive audience. To ensure that in-ice ads are ready for the upcoming season, all graphics must be approved by June 30th.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Invest in local sports today and showcase your brand to a captive audience. Contact us to learn more.