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Rink Board Advertising Deadline is June 30, 2023

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The City of Brantford has joined forces with the Brantford Sports Council to oversee the rink board advertising program at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre and The Steve Brown Sports Complex Lions Park Arena. Having spent 18 years championing youth sports in Brantford, the Sports Council is ideally placed to manage this initiative . The program will benefit local sports organizations and provide long term sustainable revenues for the ongoing development and promotion of youth sport and recreation in our community. A program where all the profits remain and are re invested in the community.

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Rink Board Advertising Questions

What is the size of the rink boards?2023-04-02T14:11:56-04:00

The rink boards are 8 feet wide by 3 feet high.

How do I submit my graphics for the rink boards?2023-04-02T14:12:01-04:00

Once you have created your graphics, please send them to our team for approval. We will provide you with instructions on how to submit them.

Can I provide my own graphics for the rink boards?2023-04-02T14:12:07-04:00

Yes, clients can provide their own graphics for the rink boards, but they need to follow our graphic set-up instructions.

How long is the advertising period?2023-04-02T14:12:11-04:00

The advertising period is for one year, from August 1st to July 31st.

Can I choose the location of my rink board?2023-04-02T14:11:18-04:00

Yes, you can choose the location of your rink board based on availability.

Can I advertise at both the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre and Lions Park Arena?2023-04-14T09:56:19-04:00

Yes. You can advertise in multiple arenas reaching a larger audience and increasing your company, organization or brand awareness.

What is the cost of rink board advertising?2023-04-02T14:11:28-04:00

The cost of rink board advertising varies depending on the arena and location of the board. Please contact us for pricing

How many rink boards can I advertise on?2023-04-02T14:11:10-04:00

You can advertise on as many rink boards as you would like, subject to availability.

Can I advertise on a Zamboni?2023-04-11T10:27:58-04:00

Yes you can. We have two Zamboni’s at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre and one at Lions Park.

How many people will see my ads?2023-04-02T14:10:34-04:00

In 2018 one million people visited the WGSC and 125,000 visited Lions Park Arena


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